The Parting of Water on Earth

The Biography of Nina Dell'Orto




1978                         PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN

                                       B.F.A., Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Art History


1977/Summer          THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ART, Montparnasse, Paris, France

                                       Nine weeks / concentration in painting, drawing, and French

                                       architecture from the 14th century to the present.


1973 / 1975              PRATT INSTITUTE, Brooklyn, New York

                                      painting, drawing, art history


1975 / Winter           PRE-COLOMBIAN ART HISTORY, Mexico

                                      Traveled through Upper and Central regions of Mexico to

                                      research various major archeological sites. Studying the different

                                      tribes of each region and their corresponding similarities and





1980/Feb/April         EGYPT

                                     Traveled from Lower to Upper Egypt with intense study of

                                      the architectural and artistic development throughout the

                                      chronological periods of the Pharonic Dynasties.


1982/February         EGYPT

                                     Returned to the Nile to further probe the art of the Egyptians

                                     From their mysterious religious ways and how they

                                     express it through their daily life through all art forms.


1987/ October          ITALY

                                    Traveled throughout Central Italy to see Etruscan sites and tombs

                                    Exploring the ancient peoples cultural habitation.


1990/April                 FOUR CORNERS, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado

                                    Researched Anastasi Indian dwelling places.


1994/ October

1999/May                 TURKEY

                                    Studied Turkey’s first five civilizations, Hatti, Hitties, Greeks,

                                    Romans and Byzantines, along with the peoples whom they fought and

                                    intermarried in the regions from Istanbul to the coast. Returned

                                    specifically, traveling to the east researching Nemrut Dag, a Collasal

                                   Tumulas, built by Antiochus I, First Century B.C.





Weehawken 1992

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